Bresciani Ankle Length Cotton Socks - Sand


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Our ankle length cotton socks are made from the highest quality mercerized Egyptian cotton. Fine yarn count and high number needle machines assure the best fitting and comfort. Featuring a ribbed texture, all our socks have hand linked toes, a process where the factory workers match the open-ended tube of cotton together, point by point, and a single thread sewing machine is used to link them together, resulting in a flat seam.

This is a technique that takes time and effort to master, and one that can only live on through a small, family owned factory such as Bresciani. Founded in 1970, they have been able to produce socks of the highest quality for almost half a century, through relentless innovation in materials and techniques. 

Color: Sand

Features: Ankle length, 100% natural Egyptian cotton, Ribbed texture for added comfort, Hand linked toes.

Sizing: Shoe sizes and sock sizes don't converge, in contrary to what many brands try to convince you of. The industry adheres to a standard where the size is measured as the length between toe and heel, in inches. Our socks come in three sizes and measure: 

  • Small, 10 inches, advised for a size 39-41 foot
  • Medium, 11 inches, advised for a size 42 - 43 foot
  • Large, 12 inches, advised for a size 44 and up
"Just to let you know that the shoes landed in New York. Truly awesome. Sober and refined."
- Birebent, P. -
"I just wanted to let you know that I got the belts earlier this week and they are really, really nice. Very supple and great hardware."
- Davis S. -
"Picked up the shoes from the post office yesterday afternoon. Thanks for another beautiful pair! "
- Avakian, A. -

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