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Jeeves Mid Brown Hatch Grain Leather Belt


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French calf leather belt made by hand in Hungary. All our belts are lined and raised with full leather lining. Edges are sanded, varnished and buffed to achieve a very smooth finish. Belt buckles are always solid brass, manufactured with traditional methods in Italy, and coated in pure nickle

The buckle end is attached by means of a screw. The belt can be opened, cut to size, and closed again.

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Material: Medium brown grain from Annonay

Width: 32mm

Features: Full leather lined and raised, Full grain French calf, Solid brass buckle coated with nickel, Made by hand in Hungary. Oval belt holes make the belt lay flat. Buckle and keepers are hand stitched to the belt. A screw is used to attach the end piece to the belt, so that the belt can be cut to size.

Sizing: To determine your correct belt length, measure a well fitting belt from where the buckle is attached, to the middle hole.

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- Davis S. -
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Jeeves Leather Belts


Full Grain Leather

We select from the finest French Calf and Italian suedes, full grain and unsplit to
ensure the best quality leather for our belts.


Cast Solid Buckles

All buckles are cast from solid brass and come from a foundery in Italy.


Adjustable Belt Length

We use a small, hidden screw to attach the buckle to the belt. The screw can be opened and
the belt cut to length, to ensure an optimal fit.