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Natural Deer Polishing Bone

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Made from unprocessed Scottish deer bones, these bones still hold the fatty marrow. When used to smoothen cordovan and wax calf shoes, the fat works as a lubricant and cleans and smooths the leather. 

Color: Dark horn. Since this is a completely natural product, each shoe horn will look different from the other. 

Material: 100% natural bone, sourced from the Scottish highlands. 

Features: Tipped end, Natural shoe horn, Ethically sourced, Made by hand in England.

"Just to let you know that the shoes landed in New York. Truly awesome. Sober and refined."
- Birebent, P. -
"I just wanted to let you know that I got the belts earlier this week and they are really, really nice. Very supple and great hardware."
- Davis S. -
"Picked up the shoes from the post office yesterday afternoon. Thanks for another beautiful pair! "
- Avakian, A. -

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